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Ignoring US sanctions, a merchant ship of the Assad regime crosses the Bosphorus strait towards Abkhazia

The ship tracking website Yörük Işık reported that the Syrian ship belonging to the Assad regime, which is subject to US sanctions, crossed the Bosphorus Strait on its way to the state of “Abkhazia”.

The site said via Twitter, that the Syrian ship “Laodicea”, which is mostly loaded with coal or wood, crossed the Turkish Bosphorus Strait towards the Aegean Sea and stopped its tracking device.

The website added that the ship that crossed the Bosphorus Strait last Sunday had entered the Black Sea on August 20 and disappeared permanently, leaving the Black Sea without any signs of its activity.

According to a report prepared in advance by the Bosphorus Monitor, a number of commercial ships belonging to the Assad regime, which are covered by US sanctions, mainly operate outside Turkish ports, and transport construction materials from Turkey to the Crimea and Abkhazia.

According to what was published by the local “Enab Baladi” website, the Assad regime plays the role of a commercial broker in transporting goods between Turkey and a number of countries that the Turkish government does not recognize, such as the Crimea and Abkhazia.

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