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In its fifth station ..Will constitutionalism achieve progress in implementing international decisions

Today, Monday, the work of the fifth round of the Syrian Constitutional Committee meetings will start in Geneva, Switzerland, and will continue for five days.

The work of the Constitutional Committee, under the auspices of the United Nations, comes within the framework of a political solution to the Syrian crisis that has extended since 2011, and in accordance with UN Resolution 2254 issued in 2015.

The UN resolution stipulates the formation of a transitional government and the writing of a constitution that precedes the holding of presidential and parliamentary elections, which divided the Syrian negotiations into 4 baskets: governance, the constitution, elections, and the fight against terrorism.

Earlier, the co-chair of the Constitutional Committee on the opposition, Hadi Al-Bahra, said: “The intentions of all parties will be revealed during the discussion of the basic principles of the constitution at the committee’s fifth session,” calling on the international community to “assume its responsibilities towards the obstructing party.”

And he added: “The fifth session will show the international community the intentions of all parties regarding the work of the Constitutional Committee, the political process and the implementation of Resolution 2254, and the international community must assume its responsibilities towards the obstructing party.”

And he added, “We hope that the next US administration will be more involved in the political process, and seek to reach international and regional understandings in support of the implementation of Security Council resolutions in ways that reduce time, bypass the obstructors, stop the suffering of our people, and achieve the aspirations for which it was raised.”

The work of the third and fourth rounds of the Constitutional Committee did not result in progress, despite agreement on a prior agenda, which is to discuss the basic principles in the constitution.

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