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Israel: We are ready to deal with the Iranian presence in Syria and Lebanon

Yesterday, Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said, in a speech during his inspection of military exercises conducted by the Israeli army command responsible for protecting the borders with Syria and Lebanon, that “Israel will protect itself with its own forces, no matter what happens between Iran and the world powers.”

Bennett added: ” We are dealing with Iran and its proxies, in Lebanon and Syria and we are certainly concerned about the fact that there is insufficient severity in dealing with Iranian violations.”

He confirmed: “Regardless of what is happening between Iran and the world power, Israel will protect itself with its own forces, and we are ready to different scenarios.”

The Israeli Prime Minister’s statements came against the background of reports that nuclear talks between the major powers and Iran are about to resume.

Israel treats the Iranian nuclear program as a strategic threat to its existence and the region, and opposes Washington’s return to the nuclear agreement with it.

Source: agencies

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