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Israeli airstrikes target the port of Latakia

At dawn today, Tuesday, Israeli warplanes launched air strikes targeting the port of Latakia on the Syrian coast, causing material damage in the targeted area.

The Assad regime’s “SANA” news agency said: “The Israeli raids targeted the container yard in the commercial port of  Latakia.

The agency added, according to a military source in the Assad regime forces, that the attack took place in the early hours of Tuesday morning, with long-range missiles coming from the Mediterranean.

SANA reported that the Assad regime’s air defense systems were active and intercepted some of the missiles, according to the same military source.

The attack caused fires and the ignition in a number of commercial containers, causing material losses, and no human casualties have been reported.

The Assad regime’s agency, SANA, did not disclose the casualties caused by the Israeli raids.

The Assad regime media outlets broadcast videos showing a number of commercial containers set on fire in the port of Latakia.

The bombing was followed by the sounds of ambulances and firefighting vehicles being heard throughout the city, according to local sources from the governorate.

For its part, the Israeli army has not yet commented on the raids carried out by the Israeli Air Force on the port of Latakia, according to the Russian TASS news agency.

The Israeli raids that targeted the port of Latakia at dawn today, are the first of their kind on the port, which is the important commercial gateway for the Assad regime to import goods and commodities from abroad into Syrian territory, in addition to its strategic location close to the Russian military bases at the “Hmeimim” air base and the bases stationed in Tartous governorte.

It is not the first time that Israel has launched air attacks on Latakia city, as on May 5, an air raid targeted the southwestern coast of the city, killing a civilian and wounding 6 others, according to the Assad regime media.

For its part, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said: “The Israeli raids on the port of Latakia targeted a shipment of Iranian weapons and ammunition.

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