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Johnson: We continue to work with allies to tighten sanctions on Russia

The British Prime Minister confirmed in a letter to the Ukrainian people that his country is working with more than 25 partner and ally countries to tighten pressure on Vladimir Putin to support their resistance in the fight against Russia for their freedom and democracy.

Boris Johnson said in a speech on the Ukrainian-language Twitter platform on Friday “No matter how long and hard things are for the Ukrainians, Putin must fail because he committed a serious mistake in his calculations, adding that the free countries of the world are determined to stop his brutality.  

He explained that contacts between him and his Ukrainian counterpart continued on a daily basis, expressing admiration for the courage shown by Zelensky and the Ukrainian people in facing the Russians.

He said his country is working with U.S. and European allies to impose the largest international sanctions package on Russia to pressure it to stop “this aggression.”

He pointed out that Putin and his regime have become global outcasts, and that Major companies were severing ties with Russia, and Moscow’s participation in sports competitions was being cancelled, noting that his country was doing its best to help Ukrainians fleeing the war and providing facilities for residents on its territory to bring their families from there.

British Prime Minister Johnson concluded his speech with the words “Glory for Ukraine” in Ukrainian

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