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Kalin: Turkey is the only counter-balancing force against the Assad regime

Ibrahim Kalin, Turkey’s presidential spokesman, said yesterday evening: “Despite the cooperation with Russia, Turkey views many files especially the Syrian file in away different from Moscow.”

He added that Tukey is the biggest counter-balancing force against the Assad regime backed by Russia. He pointed out that his country is working to prevent any new migration wave from Syria.

He also pointed out that the west should be grateful for Turkey’s presence in Syria because it is trying as much as possible to establish peace and stability in Syria.

Kalin stressed that the international community wants to end the war in Ukraine. He also stressed the necessity to find a new global security system.

He also said: ”Russia is not going to go away as a country, Russia is going to be there, The Western bloc is going to be there. Ukraine will remain an independent sovereign country with its own territorial integrity.”

He added: “All necessary support must be given to Ukraine to defend itself. We all support Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. However, we must not forget that we need to talk to Russia as well.”

Concerning the Turkish mediation efforts between Russia and Ukraine, the Turkish presidential spokesman said that Ankara continues to maintain the lines of communication open with Moscow and Kiev, and that Turkey has wide-ranging relations with the two countries.

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