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Middle East: representatives in the US Congress are pressing the Biden administration to intervene on Daraa

Lawmakers in the US Congress have begun to move to pressure the president to take measures for what is happening in the besieged Daraa neighborhood, which is witnessing threats from the Assad regime forces and Iranian militias to storm it, according to Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper.

The newspaper said: “The lawmakers from both parties called on the president’s administration to work to stop the escalation, condemn the Assad regime and its supporters, and hold them responsible for what is happening in the city of Daraa in particular and Syria in general.”

The newspaper added, quoting the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Democratic Senate, “Bob Menendez,” as saying: “What is happening in the city of Daraa is disgraceful, stressing the need to hold the Assad regime and its supporters accountable.”

Republican Representative Adam Kissinger urged the Biden administration to take immediate action to stop the crimes in Syria, as he called on the Assad regime and Iran to “stop the escalation against civilians in Daraa neighborhoods and immediately stop the siege imposed on them for more than a month,” according to what the newspaper quoted him as saying.

The newspaper pointed out that lawmakers from both parties aim to push the White House to impose new sanctions on the Assad regime and the full implementation of the Caesar Act.

The neighborhoods of Daraa al-Balad have been under siege by the Assad regime forces and Iranian militias for more than 40 days, while these forces seek to control the area and displace former fighters of the revolutionary factions.

Over the past few days, the neighborhoods witnessed a re-escalation and shelling with various weapons in an effort by the Assad regime forces to storm the area, at a time when negotiations continue between the Daraa Central Committee and the Security Committee of the Assad regime, amid a complete rejection by the latter of all offers to stop the escalation and its insistence on storming region.

At the end of last month, the United States of America expressed its concern about the situation in Daraa, and called on all parties to stop the attacks and allow the entry of humanitarian aid to civilians, while no measures were taken on the ground.

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