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New COVID-19 cases were recorded in northwestern Syria

The northern Syrian regions witnessed an increase in the number of infections with the Corona virus, with the detection of new infections.

The Epidemiological Surveillance Laboratory of the Early Warning and Epidemic Response Network (EWARN) program in the Support Coordination Unit recorded 31 new infections with the Corona virus in the liberated north of Syria.

In the daily report, the observatory indicated that the number of infections became 25,465 cases in northern Syria, while the number of deaths reached 707, according to the observatory.

The informant added that he recorded 32 new cases of recovery, bringing the total number of recovery cases to 22,275 cases, and that he conducted 494 analyzes of the Corona virus, bringing the number of analyzes he performed to 152,924 tests.

Warnings about the repercussions of the outbreak of the pandemic in northwestern Syria are mounting due to the overcrowding of the region, especially in displacement camps.

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