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Pedersen: The military solution is an illusion, and we have to reach a political solution in Syria

The UN Special Envoy on Syria appealed yesterday, to all parties to reach a political solution ending the ongoing suffering of Syrian people since 11-year war. He also stressed that ”the military solution is an illusion and there had been no shifts in the frontlines for two years.”

Pedersen said in a statement marking the 11th anniversary of the Syrian Revolution in mid-March 2011: “the conflict in Syria enters its 12th year, and the Syrian people need and deserve above all a political solution.”

He added “the way out of the current impasse is for the parties to forge a political solution that can end the suffering of the Syrian people, restore Syria’s sovereignty, and enable the Syrian people to determine their own future.”

Pedersen explained: “We are countering an ongoing impasse at the same time we are seeing a social and economic collapse, so I continue to contact with the Syrian government and opposition negotiation committee for strengthening the implementation of Security Council Resolution 2254.”

He stressed “with all parties affected by the plight of detainees, kidnapped and missing persons, it is time to take greater steps forward on this issue”.

He also added “I want a voluntarily, safe and dignity return for refugees and displaced because there is a need to a safe, calm and neutral environment on the ground, and to foster the support provided by the donors.”

Pedersen welcomed that the Constitutional Committee meets again soon in Geneva, and said “I think it needs to move substantively forward on its mandate.”

He concluded his statement by appealing to all Syrian parties and key international actors to work with the United Nations to help achieve this shared goal.

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