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Response Coordination group condemns the Russian strikes on a water pumping station in Idlib

Response Coordination group condemned in a statement yesterday Russian war planes targeting a water pumping station in Idlib city. Two workers were injured and the city’s water utility service was out of action as a result of the strikes.

The group said in a statement that this attack is a new war crime to be added to the list of massive violations against humanity committed by Russian jets in Syria.

The group indicated that targeting this area was deliberate and was not indiscriminate, but rather a direct and accurate targeting.

The group called on the international community and international organizations to take a clear and firm stance on these ongoing violations, and work to stop these attacks carried out by Assad regime forces, Russia, and Iran against civilians in northwestern Syria.

This station supplies the entire city of Idlib, the provincial center, with potable water, and this targeting has deprived hundreds of thousands of civilians of water services within the city.

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