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Response Coordination Group: Coronavirus poses a major threat to civilians in northern Syria

Response Coordination Group stressed that Coronavirus outbreak in northwest Syria recently poses a great threat to civilians, in light of the hard conditions experienced by civilians for years.

The Group said in a statement yesterday, Wednesday: Coronavirus continuously poses a great danger to the people’s safety and health. The population density, overcrowding within camps, the lack of hygiene and inappropriate health conditions increase coronavirus spread and effectiveness.

The Group expressed his deep concern about the fate of thousands of civilians living in northwestern Syria, and the large and continuous increase in Covid-19 infections.

The Group appealed to all humanitarian and international organizations to work to secure basic supplies to combat Covid-19, and to increase the volume of humanitarian operations to combat coronavirus outbreak.

The Early Warning Network of the Support Coordination Unit announced the registration of 638 new Covid-19 infections, in northwestern Syria and the “Spring of Peace” area in northeastern Syria, on Monday, February 28.

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