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Response Coordination Group: The low level of humanitarian response in IDP camps portends a coming disaster

Yesterday, Tuesday, the Syria Response Coordination Group said that humanitarian organizations failed to respond to the displaced people living in camps in northwestern Syria, and warned of the consequences.

The Group said in a report: “The low level of humanitarian response portends a real catastrophe to come.”

The Group explained that the response rates during last February witnessed a decline, as the response rate for the food security and livelihoods sector reached approximately 38%, and 28% for the nutrition and health, and water and sanitation sectors, 29%, and 41% for non-food items.

The Group pointed out that the response rate provided to the shelter sector was 27%, 28% for education, and 35% for the protection sector.

The Group’s report included a documentation of the number of camps affected by rainstorms, noting that more than 3,700 displaced people were affected by bad weather.

The Group added that 18 camps were completely damaged, while 86 camps were partially damaged in northwestern Syria as a result of the storms.

The report noted that the fires are returning to become a concern for the displaced, as the number of camps covered by the fires in the region reached 18, which resulted in the injury of a woman and two children.

Rain and snow storms have continued over the past two months in northwestern Syria, which has exacerbated the humanitarian conditions of the displaced in the camps, amid the inability of the humanitarian response provided to them.

It is noteworthy that the Syria Response Coordinators Group issued its monthly report yesterday, in which it monitors the proportion of the humanitarian response provided to the displaced.

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