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Response Coordination Group: We call on the international community to find radical solutions to end the suffering of Syrians

Today, Thursday, the Syria Response Coordination Group called on international community and humanitarian organizations to end the suffering of displaced by increasing the humanitarian operations in the region and work to find radical solutions that end the suffering

In a statement, the Group said: “12 camps were damaged by wind and rain storms in northwestern Syria. The groups started operations that calculate the damage in affected areas concentrated in the areas of Zardana, Sheikh Bahr and Adwan, north of Idlib.

The statement clarified that more than million and a half civilians based in the camps have become unable to secure the minimum of their daily needs with the ongoing surging of heating materials prices and 90% of the tents have become unfit for human habitation and the absence of humanitarian response provided by humanitarian organizations.

He pointed out that “the survival of hundreds of thousands of civilians in camps that can only be compared to the open spaces, waiting for humanitarian or political solutions that satisfy the Assad regime and Russia have become unacceptable, and there is no alternative to it except the return of the displaced and the forcibly displaced to their cities and villages again.”

There are dozens of camps in the north of Syria and thousands of displaced people live inside them, and they suffer from difficult humanitarian conditions due to the winter season. The displaced also suffer great difficulty in securing heating materials and food, amid humanitarian appeals to the concerned authorities to provide urgent aid.

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