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Return to Syria or enter Europe… Belarus puts Syrian refugees on the line

The Belarusian authorities gave the Syrian migrants stranded at the border with Poland the option to either be deported to Syria, or to cross to the European Union, through a free border crossing.

This came in the news of the Russian newspaper “Novaya Gazeta”, in which it confirmed that the Belarusian authorities had given the Syrian refugees 3 days to cross to the European Union countries.

The newspaper confirmed that the Syrian refugees will be deported to Syria, in conjunction with a border crisis and the Belarusian authorities’ stress on the refugees there.

The newspaper said: “Two people came to the Syrian camp on the Polish border, one in military uniform and the other in civilian clothes,” noting that the border authorities demanded that Syrian refugees enter European countries, otherwise they will be transferred to “Minsk” and then deported to their homeland, Syria.

Recently, the body of a young Syrian immigrant was buried on the Polish-Belarusian border, in the complete absence so far of any political solution to save thousands of migrants at the border, especially with the approach of winter.

Humanitarian organizations are unable to stop the propaganda war raging against the displaced.

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