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Russia fails to reach the capital Kyiv and stands 25 kilometers away

British Military Intelligence announced today, Monday, Ukrainian troops advance towards Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, from the northeast has stopped. He stressed that the troops are still more than 25 kilometers far from the city center.  

The British Ministry of Defence tweeted: ” Russian forces advancing on the city from the north-east have stalled. Forces advancing from the direction of Hostomel to the north-west have been repulsed by fierce Ukrainian resistance. The bulk of Russian forces remain more than 25 kilometres from the centre of the city.”

In this context, the bombing on one of Kyiv neighborhood destroyed a shopping center this morning, and caused the accumulation of still burning rubble among high-rise towers.

Emergency services had reported that at least four people were killed in the night bombing near the city center on Sunday night. The explosion shattered all the windows of the adjacent high-rise building.

As firefighters were making their way through the destruction in the densely populated Boudil area, artillery fire was heard from afar.   

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