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Russian ambassador in Damascus: The extension of cross-border aid delivery mechanism should not be expected

Russia has renewed its position concerning the humanitarian aid file entering Syria and said it is working to reduce its transit route.

The Russian ambassador to the Assad regime, Alexander Yefimov, said in a press statement: “It should not be expected that the mechanism of delivering aid across the border into Syria will be extended.”

Yefimov considered “The cross-border aid mechanism violate the country’s sovereignty and it is not transparent in regard to distributing the incoming aid locally.”

He added, “It is necessary to work to reduce the aid entry completely, and to redirect all humanitarian supplies through the Assad regime-controlled areas.”

On the ninth of last July, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution that renewed the cross-border mechanism for delivering aid to Syria for a period of one year through Bab al-Hawa border crossing with Turkey.

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