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Signing a work protocol with Gaziantep University to enhance the competencies of medical personnel in northern Syria

The Turkish Gaziantep University signed a protocol with the Medical Association of Syrian Expatriates (SEMA), with the aim of enhancing competencies and ensuring the professional development of medical personnel in northern Syria.

Dr. Ahmed Samer Al-Esh, Executive Director of Sima Fresh Online, said: “Signing the protocol with the Turkish Gaziantep University comes within the framework of further expansion in the process of providing medical educational services, with regard to the issue of nursing and midwifery, and the issue of gynecological deliveries, and it will soon be in the subject of treatment. Psychological ”.

He added, “The protocol was signed by the President of Gaziantep University, Professor Aref Oz Aydin, and the official in the Medical Association of Syrian Expatriates (Sima), Dr. Samer Alloush.”

Al-Ish indicated that SEMA is one of the leading organizations in the issue of medical education, and it works with local partners on the issue of the academy located in the town of Qah, and it has a nursing school in Afrin in cooperation with the Health Directorate and the Turkish Ministry of Education.

He emphasized that the aim of this signature is: “The existence of a legal umbrella that possesses the history, legal status and documented certificates of graduates.”

He explained that SEMA organization, “is considered one of the old organizations that work to provide medical services to people affected by the Syrian crisis, and it currently owns many major hospitals, mobile health centers in addition to three hospitals specialized in the Coronavirus.”

It is noteworthy that the Syrian Expatriate Medical Association (SEMA) is a humanitarian and medical relief organization that was launched in response to the increasing number of wounded in Syria in mid-2011.

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