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The Assad regime began recruiting Syrian mercenaries to fight in Ukraine

“Syrians for Truth and Justice” organization has revealed in a report that Assad Regime Air Force Intelligence started to register the names of former Syrian fighters to fight with the Russian forces against Ukraine.  

Air Force Intelligence branch’s officers have been preparing lists with potential recruits’ names to be presented to the Russian officers stationed in Syria for approval, with the intention of deploying them to Ukraine, sources told “Syrian for Truth and Justice” organization.

The lists of fighters’ names have been registered for those who have sufficient combat experience and the priority given to fighters working under the command of the Russian forces or the “25th” Division in Assad regime forces, according to the same sources.

The organization quoted unnamed sources, clarified that an officer in the Air Force Intelligence branch quoted a Russian officer as saying: “The participation of Syrians was no more than a symbolic gesture of loyalty to Russia.”

The organization indicated that the recent stage is an initial name registration. After that these mercenaries will be subjected to a training by Russian officers in preparation for sending them to Russia and transporting them to fight in Ukraine with the Russian side and they may never be sent.”

It is noteworthy that Russia has sent thousands of Syrian mercenaries into Libya to support its ally, Khalifa Haftar in his war against The Government  of National Accord (AlWefaq).

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