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The Assad regime fears imposing new US sanctions on Damascus

The Assad regime’s ambassador to Russia, Riad Haddad, announced his fear of the possibility of the United States imposing a new sanctions package after the “presidential” elections that took place on the twenty-sixth of last month.

In his statements, Haddad said: “The United States of America may impose sanctions after the renewal of Bashar al-Assad for a fourth presidential term.”
The presidential elections took place in light of a widespread international rejection of their previously known results.
Both the United States and the European Union rejected the results of the Assad regime’s elections, in which Bashar al-Assad won with 95.1%, and considered it just a play that is hard to believe.

According to media reports, the administration of President Biden has not imposed any new sanctions on the Assad regime since assuming her duties in the White House at the beginning of this year, unlike the administration of former President Trump, which imposed many sanctions on entities and companies linked to the Assad regime.

It is noteworthy that the “Caesar” law entered into force on June 17, after it was approved by the US Congress, with the aim of protecting civilians in Syria and depriving the Assad regime government of the opportunity to transform its field gains at the expense of the Syrian opposition into political gains.

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