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The Syrian Coalition: Our cause in Syria is a political one rather than a humanitarian crisis

 The head of the Syrian National Coalition, Salem Al-Meslet, said yesterday during his participation in the 20th Doha Forum that “our cause in Syria is a political one rather than a humanitarian crisis. We have to work to end these crises in light of the recent international inaction.”

Al-Meslet expressed his hope that the coming Forum will talk about development rather than finding a solution to refugees crisis. He explained that the Syrian people didn’t have the choice to stay or leave their home instead they were forced out of their homes. No one would leave his home and choose to live in a tent under rain and snow. He clarified that the influx of refugees didn’t stop.

Al-Meslet confirmed that ”The planes that have bombed the Syrian neighborhoods are the same ones that are bombing the Ukrainian cities now, and the mercenaries that Putin brought them to Syria are now fighting in Ukraine.

It is noteworthy that Amir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, inaugurated the work of the 20th Doha Forum under the title “Transformation into a New Era” in participation with the heads of state and government, politicians, parliamentarians, thinkers and representative of media outlets.

The Forum aims to launch a dialogue on the critical challenges encountering the world, prompting exchanging ideas, policy making, and providing applicable recommendations.

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