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The death of a Syrian man and his son after drowning in a Turkish dam in the state of Marash

Yesterday, Saturday, a Syrian young man and his son drowned in a dam in Marash, southern Turkey.

Ikhlas News Agency reported that the 37-year-old Syrian man, Youssef Al-Bakro, and his 8-year-old son, Bilal Al-Bakro, drowned in the Sir Dam in Marash.

According to the information published by the agency, the father entered the dam to save his son while he was drowning, but he could not save him, and they both drowned and disappeared into the depth of the dam.

The rescue team of the main Marash municipality rushed to the site of the accident as soon as it received a notification, and the divers team found the bodies of the child and his father after 40 minutes of searching underwater.
The bodies of the father and son were removed and handed over to the forensic mortuary, where it was decided that both of them had died despite the intervention of the medical teams.

It is noteworthy that several cases of drowning occurred against Syrians in Turkish lakes and dams, despite the constant warnings of official bodies about the danger of swimming in those dams and lakes

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