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The municipality of “Ramish” in southern Lebanon warns the Syrian refugees to leave the town within 15 days

Milad Farid Alam, mayor of Ramish, affiliated to the town of Bint Jbeil in the Nabatiyeh governorate in southern Lebanon, warned the Syrian refugees, whom he described as “foreigners,” to leave the town’s campus.

In its statement, which was published on its official Facebook page, the municipality confirmed: “After the increase in the number of foreign residents within the municipality of Ramish, especially Syrians, the municipality requires all property owners within the town leased to Syrians to dissolve the contract with them within a maximum period of 15 days.”

The municipality called on all owners of real estate leased to Syrians to go to the municipality to find a settlement with them in this regard, adding the phrase “Think about your children and your family, there are 395 Syrian children.”

The statement stated: “Every foreigner residing within the municipality, and his sponsor from outside the town of Ramish, must move within 72 hours as a maximum to the place of residence of his sponsor.”

The municipality stated: “Foreign workers residing within the municipality of Ramish, especially Syrians, are prohibited from roaming after 7 pm until 6 am, and whoever violates this decision will expose himself to a fine during the settlement period with the owners.”

It is worth noting that Syrian refugees in Lebanon are facing increasing pressures, including being forced to demolish concrete rooms they built in refugee camps, curfews in some areas, and difficulties in obtaining work permits and legal residencies.

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