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The National Coalition condemns the practices of the Assad regime and Russia against the Syrian people

Yesterday, Wednesday, the head of the Syrian National Coalition, Dr. Nasr Hariri, met with a number of Turkish journalists and academics, to discuss the latest field and political developments in the Syrian file.

Hariri said: “The most important thing that the Syrian file is witnessing at present is the siege imposed by Russia and the Assad regime forces on the areas of Daraa, and the threats that Russia is sending to the people to launch military campaigns against them,” noting that northwest Syria is witnessing a dangerous military escalation by the forces of the First.

He explained that Russia does not respect the de-escalation agreement signed with Turkey last year.
Hariri referred to the humanitarian aid file, and the need to continue its entry through the Bab al-Hawa border crossing, amid fears that Russia would use its veto to prevent the entry of humanitarian aid into northern Syria.

Al-Hariri stressed that the Kurdish forces with all their names in Syria have not been resolved until today, as they continue their “terrorist operations against civilians and their suspicious practices,” and recently a hospital in the city of Afrin was directly targeted, which led to the death of 24 civilians.

And he added: “The prospects for a political solution are still closed, because of the Assad regime’s intentional obstruction of the process and because it is by its nature a rogue regime that does not care about international resolutions; especially after the farce of the presidential elections, which were met with popular and international rejection.”

The forces of the Assad regime and its ally Russia are still practicing systematic crimes against civilians throughout Syria, coinciding with the disruption of international resolutions to increase the suffering of the Syrian people.

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