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The National Coalition intends to visit Cairo tomorrow to discuss activating the Arab role in the political process

A National coalition delegation headed by Salem Al-Maslat intends to visit the Arab League in Cairo, tomorrow, for three days, during which he will meet with the Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, to discuss activating the Arab role in the political process in order to achieve the political transition in Syria.

Al-Maslat stressed that “the National Coalition is keen to establish the best relations with the brotherly Arab countries, due to their influence and an effective and influential role in Syria, to achieve political transition in accordance with the Geneva Communiqué and the relevant international resolutions, foremost of which are 2118 and 2254.”

Al-Maslat explained before traveling to Cairo: “We look forward to an effective Arab role in Syria and for the Arab League to adhere with its responsibility towards the Syrian people to achieve a political solution ending the ongoing suffering of Syrians since 11 years.”

Al-Maslat pointed out that “any process of normalization with the Assad regime is unacceptable, especially since the reasons that led to the expulsion of the Assad regime from the Arab League are still exist.”

On the other hand, the National Coalition demanded the United Nations to return Syria’s seat in the international organization to the Syrian people, stressing that the failure by the United Nations and all international organizations to expel the Assad regime which committed the most heinous massacres against the Syrian people is one of the serious mistakes of the international community in dealing with the file Syrian.

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