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The National Coalition: The Syrian people can’t be part of the Russian war against Ukraine

 The Secretary-General of the Syrian Opposition Coalition, Haitham Rahma, stressed that Syrian people refused to participate in the horrific crimes that the Russian forces are committing against the Ukrainians, clarifying the support of Syrian people for Ukrainian people in their courageous resistance to the Russian aggression.

Rahma added: the Syrian people in the liberated areas have not participated in the war against Ukraine. They have been fighting for eleven years to liberate their country from the Russian and Iranian occupations and to overthrow the Assad regime, which has become a puppet in the hands of Putin and Khamenei.

He pointed out that “Russia is committing today in Ukraine the same it has been committing in Syria for the past seven years, the Russian regime is the common enemy of the Syrian and Ukrainian people as it has destroyed the economies and destabilized security and stability in both countries, and dashed every hope of living in peace, freedom and democracy.”

The head of the National Coalition, Salem Al-Meslat, had previously said: ”The Syrian people categorically rejected Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and refused to be involved in the horrific crimes that the Russian forces are committing against the Ukrainian people, as Bashar al-Assad adhered to Putin’s orders to keep him in power.”

The spokesman of the Syrian Islamic Council, Motee Albateen, said: “The talk about the call to recruit Syrians to fight with Russia in the invasion of Ukraine takes place among the Assad regime’s supporters, and it is not appropriate in any way to call the Syrian a mercenary.”

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