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The Russian Defense announces joint naval maneuvres with the Assad regime forces

On Monday, June 7, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the holding of joint military maneuvres with the Assad regime forces in the Syrian coast.

The ministry published on its website scenes of the joint naval maneuvers in the Mediterranean.

Media outlets loyal to the Assad regime said that “during the joint maneuvers, which simulate the confrontation of military targets across the sea, using different means of fire, including field guns.”

The loyalist newspaper Al-Watan quoted a military source in the Assad regime forces, “on the importance of joint maneuvers with the Russian army.”

The newspaper added, “All the weapons that were used during the maneuvers are Russian-made.”

It is noteworthy that Russia announced last April the establishment of a joint operations room with the Assad regime and Iran, with the aim of protecting shipping and oil convoys from any attack that might target them, and ensuring their arrival in Syria. The Assad regime forces have previously conducted maneuvers with the Joint Operations Room to raise the efficiency of its members to use artillery in Aleppo, followed by maneuvers in the areas that the latter controlled in the southern countryside of Idlib.

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