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The SNHR holds several bilateral meetings with the EU’s foreign ministries

The Syrian Network for Human Rights said in a statement that its director, Fadel Abdul Ghani, recently visited the foreign ministries of a number of countries in the European Union, where he held meetings with high-level ministry officials, and the meetings dealt in general with an update on the human rights situation in Syria, according to the data and reports documented by the Syrian Network.

The statement stated that Abul-Ghani had held several physical meetings, the first of which was after a break of nearly a year and a half due Corona virus, including “a meeting with the French Foreign Ministry, a bilateral meeting with the German Foreign Ministry, and a bilateral meeting with the Danish Foreign Ministry.”

The meetings focused on the fact that the Assad regime continues to commit atrocious violations, some of which constitute war crimes, as happened recently when civilians were targeted in Ariha city during the constitutional committee negotiations’ meetings in Geneva. Some of the violations also constitute crimes against humanity such as the enforced disappearance and torture of tens of thousands of Syrians.

Abdul-Ghani stressed that the Assad regime cannot be rehabilitated because none of its brutal practices has changed since 2011, and countries that are considering restoring relations with the regime must be pressured because this would give it greater impunity.

The meetings also dealt with many other issues such as Syria being unsafe for the return of refugees, the stagnation of the political process and its impact on the forcibly displaced, the issue of cross-border humanitarian aid, and support for the accountability process.Meanwhile, the director of the Syrian Network for Human Rights held many bilateral meetings with international partner organizations such as: the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, in addition to some media interviews.

It is noteworthy that these visits come as part of a series of advocacy operations carried out by the Syrian Network for Human Rights for nearly ten years, through which it aims to inform friendly countries and organizations of the most prominent human rights and humanitarian developments.

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