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The Syrian Civil Defense: We are ready to help Ukrainians to save as many lives as possible

The Syrian Civil Defense, known as “The White Helmets” has shown their readiness to help the Ukrainians to organize their first responders and paramedics during this conflict which could be a long struggle, according to ”The Washington Post” newspaper.

The newspaper said: ”The Civil Defense has been facing Russian military attacks for seven years, and is ready to help Ukrainians. They will need all the help they can get to save as many innocent lives as possible.”

The newspaper quoted the head of the Civil Defense Organization, Raed Al-Saleh, as saying: “We are here to help our Ukrainian brothers and sisters in any way we can,” because Putin’s goal is to break the will of the civilian population. He also pointed out that “The Russian military has no principles. They respect no human rights. They have no standards or ethics.”

The newspaper pointed out that “despite being widely recognized by the West for the heroism and bravery of the White Helmets, they have been the constant target of a massive disinformation campainge by the Russian government and the Assad regime, falsely accusing them of being terrorists.”

It should be noted that The Syrian Civil Defense has been working to rescue, evacuate and give emergency care to civilians under attack since 2014.

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