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The Syrian Network for Human Rights documents violations against Syrian women on International Women’s Day

The Syrian Network for Human Rights considered in a report yesterday that the oppression of Syrian women perpetuated a state of inequality and lack of security and development. The report revealed that at least 9,774 women have been still detained or forcibly disappeared in Syria, while 16,228 women have been killed, and 93 women have died due to torture since March 2011.

The report stated that more than 11,500 women were subjected to sexual violence, 8,013 cases of violence are at the hands of the Assad regime forces, and 3,487 cases at the hands of ISIS. The network also documented 12 cases at the hands of the Syrian Democratic Forces, and 11 at the hands of other Syrian parties to the conflict.

The report documented at least 107 incidents of assault and intimidation against women activists and workers in women’s centers after participating in various activities from March 2021 until this March, in Syrian areas outside the control of the Assad regime.

The report stated that at least 24 cases of Syrian women were killed at the hands of their families or husbands under the pretext of “honor” or due to women’s refusal to be forced into marriage, or resulting from being subjected to violence by men. All of these cases were documented from March 2021 until the current March.

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