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The Turkish army sends huge military reinforcements to its positions in Idlib

Yesterday evening, the Turkish army entered two large military columns into the de-escalation zone in Idlib Governorate, northwest of Syria, as part of strengthening the positions of the Turkish forces.

Our correspondent said: “The first column entered the Kafr Losin border gate, and it includes more than 100 vehicles, heavy military armored vehicles, ammunition trucks and logistical equipment.”

He added, that the convoy’s destination was towards point zero in Jabal al-Zawiya area, near the contact lines with the Assad regime forces, south of Idlib.

He pointed out that another convoy entered the area from the Khirbet al-Jawz gate towards Jisr al-Shughur area, west of Idlib.

The “Turkey News Agency” quoted a security source in the Turkish army, saying, “The military reinforcements come within the framework of establishing a new military base in an important area in Jabal Al-Zawiya, as part of new arrangements that the Turkish forces are working on in the area.”

Our correspondent stated that this month, the Turkish army entered 12 military columns into Idlib, most of which contained field cannons and heavy equipment.

Idlib governorate includes dozens of Turkish military points, some of which are located close to the lines of contact with the Assad regime forces, and Turkey attaches great importance to its military presence there in terms of stopping the violations and the bombing of the area.

The entry of new military reinforcements to Idlib coincided with a few hours after the Turkish parliament renewed the memorandum of authorization granted to the government to send military forces to Syria and Iraq for an additional two years.

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