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The UN Security Council extends cross-border humanitarian aid delivery mechanism into Syria

The UN Security Council announced the extension of the mandate of cross-border aid delivery mechanism in to Syria for six months without a new vote

In an exclusive interview with Fresh Online, political analyst Ayman Abdul Nour said: “The mechanism of humanitarian aid delivery across borders and not through internal lines has been extended for a period of six months, according to the decision taken in July last year, with the unanimity of the UN Security Council, and thus there was no need to vote.”

He continued: “So, Russia, China, and all members of the Council agreed to extend or implement the previous resolution that was agreed upon last year. This is the text of the extension and does not mean that this is against the wishes of Russia and China, because the United States made several concessions, which were requested by Russia and fulfilled its demands and thus Russia did not object, and the decision was implemented.”

The head of the Syrian Opposition National Coalition, Salem al-Maslat, stressed that “humanitarian matters should never be subject to Russia’s blackmail.”

Al-Maslat said: “Extending the decision to deliver humanitarian aid to Syria across the border is the correct procedure,” calling for more crossings to be opened, and for more access to aid.

Al-Maslat called on the UN Security Council to “work on a radical solution for the Syrians, so that they can return to their homes in a safe and stable environment where the criminal Assad’s gang does not exist.”

On Tuesday, the United Nations announced the start of the second phase of the mandate of cross-border humanitarian aid to Syria, as the entry of cross-border aid was extended for an additional six months until July 10.

The United Nations spokesman, Stephane Dujarric, said that the delivery of humanitarian aid across the border into Syria without a permit from the Assad regime is necessary to help the Syrians, and accordingly the aid delivery mechanism was extended for six months without a new vote in the Security Council.

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