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The United Nations: More than 5,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan have returned to their homeland

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Representative to Jordan, Dominik Bartsch, said: “5,500 Syrian refugees returned from Jordan to Syria in 2021.”

Bartsch added, “There are many concerns that prevent the majority of refugees from returning to their country,” noting that the return of Syrian refugees to their country was “voluntary to ensure their security.”

The UN official said polls conducted by the UNHCR indicated that most refugees in Jordan expected to return to their country, while they were unable to fulfill it due to the unstable security conditions and other reasons in Syria.

He pointed out that “UNHCR worked with Jordan to transfer the displaced patients in the camp to medical clinics inside Jordan, and they return to the camp after treatment and check on their health.”

Jordan hosts about 750,000 registered refugees, the vast majority of whom are from neighboring Syria.

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