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The Washington Institute: Russia will take military action in Syria if Turkey provides assistance to Ukraine

The Washington Institute confirmed that Russia will take military action in Syria, if Turkey provides militarily assistance to Ukraine.

Today, Wednesday, the Washington Institute said in a study entitled “How will the Ukraine Crisis Affect the Middle East Policy? Turkey views Ukraine as a key ally in counterbalancing Moscow and will do a great deal to prevent Kyiv from falling under Putin’s thumb.”

The Washington Institute added: “if the assistance provided by Turkey to Ukraine leads to tilt the balance of power in Kyiv’s favor, Putin could take military action in Syria.”

The institute emphasized that “Turkey cannot afford to alienate Russia too much because Putin can do a great deal to threaten his reelection prospects in 2023.”

The website indicated that any Russian military action in Syria will lead to new waves of asylum seekers to Turkey, and this will negatively affect Erdogan’s election campaign, pointing to the possibility of direct clashes in Syria between the Russian army and the Turkish forces.

The Turkish “Bayraktar” drone, which Kyiv purchased from Ankara, played an important role in destroying Russian air defense lines and systems in Ukraine, causing heavy human and material casualties.

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