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Turkish Defense Ministry: Assad regime’ attacks in Idlib killed 19 civilians during the last month

The Turkish Defense Ministry said that 19 civilians were killed in Assad regime’s attacks during the last October due to the military attacks in Idlib governorate in northwest Syria.

The ministry added in a statement “The military operations carried out by the Assad regime in Idlib during the last month killed 19 civilians and injured 72 others including children”

The ministry indicated: “The Turkish forces neutralized 279 “terrorists” inside and outside the Turkish territories during last October.”

The ministry pointed out that the Turkish authorities managed to arrest 471 people including 38 while they were trying to enter the country illegally.

The Turkish defense statement came on Monday, a day after the Erdogan-Putin summit in the Italian capital, Rome, on the sidelines of the G-20 meetings.

During their summit in Rome, the Turkish and American presidents discussed many issues, including the political process in Syria, the delivery of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, the Libyan elections, the situation in the eastern Mediterranean, and the file of the F35 planes.

In a report, the Syria Response Coordinators Group documented the killing of 137 civilians in Idlib since last June as a result of the continued military escalation by the Assad regime in the area.

It is noteworthy that the Assad regime forces are continuing their escalation against Idlib governorate, in violation of the March 5 agreement signed between the Turkish and Russian sides. The escalation includes aerial bombardment that has affected camps for the displaced and areas near the Turkish border.

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