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Turkish-Russian military training in Idlib Governorate, in preparation for the return of the joint patrols

Yesterday, Thursday, the Turkish and Russian forces conducted joint exercises in the city of Saraqib in Idlib to improve the operation of the joint patrols, an indication of the return of the joint patrols in the south of the province after they were stopped last August.

Local activists said that the training took place in the city of Saraqib, and included Turkish and Russian soldiers, and it is planned that they will participate in joint patrols if they are resumed.

Activists added that the Russian and Turkish soldiers have trained to walk within a single convoy and repel attacks and evacuate the wounded, as well as to move in areas where there may be ambushes for the militants.

The Turkish and Russian forces agreed to carry out joint patrols on the “M4” road since March 2020, but the Russian forces suspended their participation in those patrols last August after repeated targeting them.

Since last March 5, Turkey and Russia have sponsored a ceasefire agreement in the liberated north, but the forces of the Assad regime and Russia are repeatedly violating it.

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