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Two deaths and 29 new cases of corona were recorded in northern Syria

The death toll from Corona’s infections increased in the liberated areas, with the detection of 23, while the “Health Authority” of the Syrian Democratic Forces recorded 6 new infections.

The “Epidemiological Surveillance Laboratory” of the “Early Warning and Epidemic Response Network EWARN” program in the Support Coordination Unit revealed 23 cases of the “Corona” virus, in the liberated areas in northern Syria.

The network concerned with monitoring the outcome of Corona in northern Syria noted that the registration of new infections raised the total number to 22,913, recovery cases to 22,731 cases, and 714 deaths.

She explained that the number of cases tested during yesterday was 496, bringing the total number of cases tested to 157,878 thousand tests in northern Syria.

The network confirmed that it had confirmed new deaths in the areas of Aleppo and Idlib, which suggests an increase in the announced outcome during the daily disclosure of the outcome of the epidemic in the liberated north of Syria.

For its part, the “Health Authority” of the Syrian Democratic Forces in northern and eastern Syria recorded 6 new infections, as the number of infected reached 18,540 cases, including 763 deaths and 1876 cases of recovery.

It is noteworthy that the number of cases that have been tested in the northwestern region of Syria has exceeded the 157,000 test mark since the outbreak and spread of the virus.

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