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US officials: Biden did not give Erdogan a green light to launch military action in Syria

The former US envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, has confirmed that the US president, Joe Biden, did not give the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a green light to launch a new attack in Syria.

Jeffrey clarified in a statement to “Al-Hurra” channel that Washington will not abandon the partnership with the Syrian Democratic forces, referring that there is a continuous cooperation between them.

Pentagon spokesman ,John Kirby, stated in a press conference that Washington considers the Syrian Democratic Forces an essential partner in the fight against ISIS.

Kirby declined to comment on reports concerning a possible Turkish military operation against the SDF.

The spokesman indicated that this kind of cooperation will continue, reiterating the right of US forces in Syria, or anywhere in the world, to protection and self-defense, adding that the forces will use this right if necessary.

These statements come in light of the accelerating talk about Turkey’s intention to launch military action against the Syrian Democratic Forces in northeastern Syria.   

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