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Washington: The Assad regime is the biggest obstacle to the political progress in Syria

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Ethan Goldrich said: “the Assad regime is the biggest obstacle to the progress of the political track in Syria,” stressing that Washington, “has not and will not support any effort to normalize relations with the Assad regime or rehabilitate it.”

During an interview with Alsharq AL-Awsat newspaper, he said that his country’s position, “has not changed from normalization with the Assad regime, and our current sanctions against it have not changed, and we are still imposing new and specific sanctions, in order to clarify our commitment to human rights and Caesar’s law.”

Goldrich also added, ” “We remind all countries, especially those considering association with the Assad regime, to pay close attention to the atrocities it has committed against the Syrian people over the past decade.”

He stressed, “Resolution 2254 is the only way to a just and sustainable political solution to the Syrian conflict, which has become a threat to regional and international security.”

He explained that Washington “strongly supports the efforts of the United Nations Special Envoy, Geir Pedersen, to bring Syrians together, and we will continue to work with the United Nations, its allies, the Syrian opposition, and our international partners to ensure Syria’s stability in the future.”

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