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With the increase in traffic accidents in Idlib.. the civil defense : We have responded since the beginning of this year to more than 445 traffic accidents

Two women died and nine civilians were injured, Monday morning, as a result of the deviation of a car they were traveling in west of Idlib.

Our correspondent said that two women died and nine civilians were injured, (8 women, and a young man in critical condition), as a result of the deviation of a car in which they were traveling to work harvesting agricultural crops on the Al-Maland road, west of Idlib.

The correspondent added that the civil defense teams assisted them to the nearest medical point in the area to receive the necessary treatment and transported the bodies to Al-Qunya Hospital.

Firas Khalifa, the media official in the Civil Defense, explained , that traffic accidents and their victims since the beginning of this year have doubled dramatically in northwestern Syria, where the rate of accidents has reached almost four accidents on a daily basis.

Firas Khalifa stated that the Civil Defense had responded from the beginning of this year 2021 until yesterday, May 16, to 445 traffic accidents, in which the bodies of 19 people who lost their lives, including 3 women and a child, were recovered, while more than 465 people were treated, including 77 children and young men.
The age of 14.

Khalifa stated that the civil defense works to educate civilians through awareness leaflets and awareness sessions organized by awareness teams, due to the need to be very careful when driving, and to inspect the technical condition of cars or motorcycles, and in addition to that, the civil defense put road signs on dangerous roads.

The Civil Defense called on drivers and citizens to reduce speeding and to exercise extreme caution while driving, especially on roads where there are many turns, to preserve their safety.

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