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Within two days.. Ankara Security Directorate arrests 148 people involved in attacking Syrians

The Turkish Security Directorate in Ankara revealed in an official statement, the arrest of 72 people who did not comply with the warnings of the Turkish authorities, and they published provocative posts on social media related to the recent events in the capital, Ankara, noting that a number of the suspects are “wanted for various crimes.”

The statement stated that the police had taken “administrative measures against 29 people, and started prosecuting 43 others,” noting that 28 of the detainees had a history of crimes related to extortion, theft, drugs, intentional injury and damage to property.

On Thursday, Turkish police announced that they had arrested 76 people suspected of encouraging or participating in the attack on Syrian shops and homes in Ankara, following a quarrel in which one person was killed, bringing the total number of arrests in two days to 148.

And the Turkish newspaper, “Yeni Şafak”, said in a report entitled “You are responsible for this blood: Organized racism led to killing, looting and sabotage,” that the leaders of the opposition parties in the country are responsible for the racist campaigns targeting asylum seekers, especially Syrians, following the events that took place in the country.
It took place in Ankara two days ago.

The newspaper pointed out that the incitement campaigns turned into a “mass execution” campaign in the capital, Ankara, and attached its report, which it published, to a photo of the leaders of the Turkish opposition who had recently made anti-Syrian statements, reviewing those statements that fueled “hostile against refugees.”

The newspaper pointed to the anti-refugee statements that have increased in momentum in the past period, the most prominent of which was Kılıçdaroğlu’s statements, in which he pledged to return Syrian refugees to their country within two years if he came to power, in addition to Ozkan’s statements, who raised the taxes of water bills for Syrian refugees by 10 times.

And last Wednesday, a Turkish man was stabbed to death during a quarrel with foreigners in a park in the Batal Gazi district of Ankara.

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