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The Guardian: Russia and Iran have agreed on common ground in the war on Syria and Ukraine

The Guardian newspaper affirmed that Russia and Iran have found common ground in the wars taking place in Syria and Ukraine which indicates a new phase in the alliance between two unlikely bedfellows for seven years.

The newspaper made it clear that Russia provided the Iranian forces with European and American weapons in addition to the cash in exchange for Tehran providing Moscow with drones in Ukraine.

The director of Syria program at the Middle East Institute, Charles Lister, explained that the relation between Russia and Iran was first formed in Syria and then developed more in Ukraine.

He stated that while Iran fought long battles in Syria only to be rescued by Russia, the opposite happened in Ukraine, where Iran more recent entered the war in order to rescue the Russian military campaign, which is facing troubles with strategic weapons.

The newspaper pointed out that Russia and Iran have designated areas of influence in Syria and jointly established security services, although each has a different vision for the country’s future.

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