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Cholera cases have surged in north-west Syria

The Early Warning, Alert and Response Network announced on Saturday that the number of cholera cases increased in north-west Syria during the recent 24 hours.

The network announced that it registered 10 new cholera cases in north-west Syria, bringing the total number of cholera cases to 336, while the number of cholera deaths reached 11 cases.

The Health Ministry at the Syrian Interim Government called on the residents to abide by the preventive measures, and urged them to add chlorine to drinking water, pay attention to hygiene, and wash vegetables well.

The Health Ministry called on the people not to eat raw leafy green vegetables, and adhere to the recommendations posted on the official pages of the Health Ministry in order to protect the safety of the residents in northwestern Syria.

Northwestern regions of Syria suffer from a shortage of water resources which are intended for drinking, they also suffer from the pollution of these resources, especially in the areas near the Euphrates River and in makeshift camps that do not have access to water resources.

The Early Warning, Alert and Response Network announced on 19 September that it had recorded the first cholera case in northwestern Syria, within Jarabulus city in Aleppo countryside, while the first cholera death was recorded on the 5th of last October.

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