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US envoy denies the existence of cooperation or any diplomatic contact with the Assad regime

The US Deputy Special Envoy for the International Coalition to combat ISIS, Ian McCurry, denied the existence of cooperation or diplomatic contacts with the Assad regime.

McCurry’s statement came during an interview with the US channel “Alhurra”.

McCurry said: “There are still members from ISIS, and we are working on to fight them.”

McCurry added: “Iran plays a very negative role in the region, stressing that the Coalition forces will defend themselves in case they are subjected to attacks from Iran proxies.”

Regarding the presence of US forces in Iraq, McCurry made it clear, “There is currently no plan to withdraw forces from Iraq, and there are bilateral discussions with Iraq in order to establish a permanent framework for security cooperation between the two countries.”

The US magazine “Newsweek” quoted US Department of Defense spokesperson as saying: “The presence of US forces is rooted in US and international law, and these forces were officially deployed for the sole purpose of defeating ISIS, but they are increasingly engaged in clashes with Iranian-backed militias.”

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