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“The Times” newspaper: Vladimir Putin is ill with blood cancer

The American newspaper “The Times” issued a report, in which it said that the Russian president Vladimir Putin has blood cancer and he has recently undergone a surgery.

One of the oligarch close to the Kremlin said that the president went crazy and there was a deep resentment in Moscow concerning the economic state. He also added we all hope that Putin dies, according to the newspaper.

The newspaper continued that there are speculations about Putin’s health after he was seen in many occasion limping and he was seen with the Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in other meeting in April. The newspaper added that Putin was wrapped in a heavy wool blanket during the Victory Day parade last week, which has raised more speculations.

It is noteworthy that Putin had previously subjected to alternative treatment during a trip to Siberia, and he does not go anywhere unless accompanied by 3 doctors, including an oncologist skilled in treating cancer.

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