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Iran reveals its economic weakness in Syria

Mohammad Amirzadeh, deputy head of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, said during a meeting of the Chamber of Deputies of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce on Sunday that his country represents only 3% of the economy in Syria.

Mohammad Amirzadeh stated that while Turkey’s percentage reaches 30%, referring to Iran’s weakness in economic diplomacy.

He added: “When we talk about economic diplomacy, it means that we must provide a platform for Iranian investors and businessmen on the international scene to bear the least amount of damage and negotiations, to proceed in this way,” according to the local “ISNA” news agency.

Zadeh stressed: “When we do not even find suitable economic diplomacy for our business, it is certainly not possible to use the capabilities in the field of tourism… Iran is culturally, economically and historically, one of the most attractive countries for tourists, but in practice our number of tourists is very low,”.

He added “When it comes to tourism, everyone knows the tremendous capacity that Iran has in this sector and we have a very high potential from nature, the history of health tourism,”.

Amirzadeh added that reducing tensions with the world and trying to engage constructively in this area should be an important priority for Iran.

“Weaknesses in economic diplomacy have made it impossible for us to perform defensively, even in areas where we have a strong presence,” he added.

It is noteworthy that Iran has sought in the past decade to extend its economic influence as well as its political, security and military influence throughout Syria, by purchasing real estate and land, establishing companies and supplying goods and commodities.

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