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76 Covid-19 cases and 5 deaths were recorded in northern Syria

The Epidemiological Surveillance Laboratory of the Early Warning and Epidemic Response Network announced the registration of 76 new Covid-19 cases in northwestern Syria, while no new cases were recorded in the “Spring of Peace” region.

Thus, the total number of infections in northern Syria reached 99,075, and the number of recovery cases reached 92,231, after 124 new recovery cases were recorded among the infections.

While the death toll in northern Syria rose to 2,400 cases, with 5 new deaths recorded in northwest Syria, and the total number of cases tested yesterday reached 152, bringing the number of analyzes to 357,217 tests in northern Syria.

With the network not recording new infections in the “Spring of Peace” areas, the total number of infections there remained at 12,651 cases and 90 deaths, with no new deaths recorded.

Reports pointed to a noticeable increase in the number of coronavirus infections in northwestern Syria during the past days, at a time when medical authorities warned of a new wave with the arrival of the “Omicron”, exceeding the capacity of the depleted medical sector, at a time when the vaccination rate still did not exceed only 8%.

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