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A Saudi newspaper talks about indications of a possible Iranian withdrawal from Syria

The Saudi newspaper, “Okaz”, considered that the departure of the Iranian “Quds Corps” militia commander from Syrian territory indicates possible indications of Iran’s withdrawal from Syria.

The newspaper said that the departure of “Jawad Ghafari,” the commander of “Quds Corps” militia of the “Iranian Revolutionary Guard” militia, from Syria, carries many analyes about the future of the Iranian presence there.

The newspaper added, quoting a leader in the Syrian National Army, “Saleh al-Afisi,” that “Ghafari” is responsible for all the militias financed by Iran to fight alongside the Assad regime in its war against the Syrians.

Al-Afisi indicated that the commander of Quds Corps militias, from his base in the southern countryside of Aleppo, supervises the transfer and distribution of militia members coming from some countries to fight in Syria.

Al-Afisi pointed out that Ghafari is assigned by the Revolutionary Guards militia to implement all Iranian plans in Syria, the most prominent of which is the establishment of an Iranian line from Tehran through Iraq and then to Syrian territory.

The newspaper spoke about Iran’s “possible withdrawal,” saying: “The most prominent reason is due to two main points, the first being the Assad regime’s control over many Syrian cities and governorates, and the second being Arab and international concern about Tehran’s destructive role in Syria.”

For its part, the Iranian Foreign Ministry denied the authenticity of reports that the commander of the “Quds Corps” militia had left Syria.

And Hebrew newspapers reported, in their reports, about the Israeli attacks against the Iranian position in Syria, saying: “Israel provides great services to the Assad regime and Russia through its raids on Iranian militia sites in Syria.”

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