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White Helmets documents the number of civilians killed by the Russian forces during the last seven years

The Syrian Civil Defence documented on Tuesday the number of victims it responded to during the seven years since the start of Russian aggression on civilians in Syria.

The Syrian Civil Defence issued a statement on its official Facebook account, confirming that the number of civilians that Civil Defence responded to has exceeded 4000 since the start of Russian aggression on Syria.

The Civil Defence made it clear that the number of civilians killed by Russian aggression has reached 4056 victims, including 1165 children, 753 women, and 36 civil defence volunteers.

The Civil Defence added that the number of injuries at the hands of Russian forces has reached 8348, including2141 children, 1707 women, and 163 civil defence volunteers.

The statement continued that the number of massacres committed by Russian forces has reached 264 in which 2775 civilian were killed, including 873 children and 552 women, according to the statistics.

The Russian forces are still targeting Syrian villages and towns opposed to the Assad regime, without deterrence to stop them in light of the silence of the international community.

Source: agencies

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