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Erdogan: We hold discussions on the upcoming military operation in Syria

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated on Monday that “The Turkish defence ministry is conducting assessment concerning the number of ground forces to involve in the upcoming military operation against the Syrian Democratic Forces.”

He added that the operations in northern Syria and Iraq are not limited to just an air campaign (Claw-Sword) and we are conducting discussions on the involvement of ground forces.

He pointed out that “Russia did not adhere to the Sochi agreement to push the Syrian Democratic Forces out of the region, and we told Russia that we will not remain silent on that.”

Erdogan confirmed that he had made several diplomatic contacts with countries that have a presence in northern Syria and Iraq, and we are taking our steps accordingly.

Erdogan pointed out while speaking to reporters that “Turkey does not wait for anyone’s permission to launch any military operation it carries out against terrorist organizations in Syria.”

The Syrian Democratic Forces targeted with several missiles Karkamish town, in southern Turkey, causing casualties among Turks.

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