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UN confirms the continuation of work to find long-term solutions for Syrian refugees in Lebanon

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, affirmed on Saturday his commitment to continue working towards long-term solutions for Syrian refugees in Lebanon and the region.

Grandi explained that “Lebanon is going through one of its most difficult period, while it continues to host one of the largest refugee populations per capita in the world, according to the United Nations website.

He added that both the Lebanese and refugees are suffering immensely due to the multiple crises, pushing more of them into the abyss of poverty every day.

Grandi called on the international community to continue its crucial support for the most vulnerable Lebanese and refugees in Lebanon, at a time the country is facing the worst economic crisis in modern history.

He stated that the Lebanese government renewed its urgent appeal to end the refugee crisis in Lebanon, stressing UNHCR’s commitment to continue working with all stakeholders to achieve this despite the difficult and complex situation.

The UNHCR stressed Lebanon’s continuing commitment to the safe and voluntary return of refugees.
Lebanon has previously announced a plan to return Syrian refugees to their country, as the Lebanese Minister of Displaced, Issam Sharafeddine, considered that it is totally unacceptable that Syrian refugees do not to return to their country after the war has ended and it has become safe, claiming that the Assad regime is lending its hand to cooperate in this file.

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